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The magic of staying true


It’s often easy to say but way harder the act on it. 

This article is all about keeping connected to your audience using shared knowledge

For me on a hard day with lots of traveling and haste, i sometimes don’t feel like the most sensible person in my surroundings. I then would very like to snap off my girlfriend because i’m tired and she is the person who knows me best and is simply around. That would be me in my less smartest state of being and for that i apologize. But still, it is who i am at that specific moment and hiding it, is just not the way i think people connect with you.

For example last week i had a terrible headache and i couldn’t keep my focus, my screen was pulsated on the brainwaves of my meltdown. Then in my attempt to keep going i made a crucial typo and named in a comment someone a total %$%^*. Like you see that wasn’t the way to go at it and i should have said that celeb was indeed a great sorcerer. Then i realized that i had to take an aspirin and lay down for a bit while my comment unknowingly lingered on the great seas of digits. Ones awake i realized my mistake and i couldn’t remove it since the reactions where way too overloading so i had to make amends..

After a while and some explanation the record was straighten but then i questioned myself, was it really?

Since my girlfriend isn’t just my angry doll but also my confidential advisor i had a long and ferm talk. She said to me Gya peeps love you anyway you don’t have to act.
When you are hungry, sad or tired just say so they will understand.

Life isn’t perfect we want it to be for sure but reality catches up, always
She was right of course  and at moment i decided that i had a keeper. No really. So next time when my headache or other problems are there. They are just ready to be conquered and everyone can know why.  So you know and i know that we are not alone and due to shared knowledge we can get to an understanding and give each other support along the way.
 Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed..

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"Zoek de uitdaging in jezelf. Keep focused and enjoy the ride. Mijn levensmotto.
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"Scales live at a proportion makes it for us the way to keep focus on our goals. Mindful approach is what I wright about"
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